Need something web-related?

I do:


-New or remodels
-E-commerce (Woocommerce & Shopify)


-Search Engine Optimization

My Other Projects

Planet Mado DBZ RPG website screenshot
Planet Mado
Browser Game

My first “real” website was Planet Mado, a browser based rpg. From there, my dad helped me implement some php code (he was a self taught programmer) to incorporate some automated functions for players on the site.

TV Style Guide website screenshot
TV Style Guide
Affiliate Site

My first big project & money-maker was TV Style Guide in 2015 – a website dedicated to cosplaying different characters from across all forms of media, but mainly TV shows.

Speeler Automotive website screenshot
Speeler Automotive
Auto Repair Site

Speeler Auto is a local auto shop that wanted a super simple and clean website. Nothing too fancy, but still modern & giving them a strong digital presence.

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Not sure where to begin? I do general web/digital consulting too 🙂

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    Who am I?

    Hi there, my name is Matt and I’ve been coding websites since 1998.

    I’m mostly self-taught. I started out by experimenting on sites hosted on Angelfire. I would “reverse engineer” (view the html source code) of web pages that I liked to incorporate those looks on my own sites.

    I went to my local university for a few years working towards my bachelor’s in computer science, but I never finished (I have about 20 credit hours left).